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Magnetic Jewelry for Weight-loss – Yes or No?

People swear by magnetic bracelets, rings and earrings as the no-diet, no-exercise weight loss aids. We think that if you are already trying to lose weight by exercising and reducing your calories,


why not get a little extra help with these magnetic devices that are designed to aid in weight loss? We think every little bit helps on our journey to a healthy body and mind.  Not to mention they look super stylish.
The theory is the magnet acts like an acupuncture pressure point and it is supposed to stimulate metabolism, increasing the calories burned in cells and thus increasing the general energy expenditure. Simply put – increasing your metabolism = burning calories faster.
Acupressure is an alternative therapy technique, based on the idea that stimulating certain points on the body will lead to changes in internal organs and physiological processes.
We feel the effectiveness of psychological and motivational factors can be as powerful of a force as calorie reduction and exercise when trying to lose weight and make healthier choices.
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